Contact Us & FAQs

If you have any questions that are not answered below then please email us at

Is registration/signup free?  Yes, you can signup for free.  But, your registration only lasts for 30 days before becoming inactive unless you have an active course.

How long do I have to complete my course?  All courses can be completed within a couple of hours but we allow 30 days before your course becomes inactive.

What is included in the course?  All the information on what each course included can be found by browsing our course catalogue.

How do I decide what course is best for me?  Many of our course are aimed at specific groups such as care homes, dentists, landlords etc.  But, there are general courses which are applicable to everyone.

How long is the course valid for?  Once complete the certificate is valid for upto 2 years.

Why is the certificate only valid for upto 2 years?  The HSE's ACOP L8 require regular training.  Every two years we recommend retraining so that you keep upto date with changes in the regulations and guidance.

I want to purchase courses for my business or organisation?  If you would like to email us at contact@waterwiseservices with your requirements and how many people are to take the course(s) then we can work out a price and invoice you rather than registering everyone individually and paying for courses one at a time.

Are there any discounts?  Discounts are available for more than 5 people taking a course.  Email us for more details.

Can I pay via and invoice?  If you would like to email us at contact@waterwiseservices and we can arrange and invoice for you.